Thursday, October 30, 2008

Oh The Drama!

I remember what it was like being 12 or 13 and thinking I knew everything, but geez! I am so drained by these kids. My poor, naive boy has this girlfriend. It is so intense and so beyond what it should be at their age that he needs to be rescued. That is where I am now. I am putting an end to it. He is really pretty good about it all, but it hurts. She is very dramatic, and frankly, saying things to him that I may have to tell her parents. I am pretty sure it is intended for the dramatic effect, but I cannot take that chance as it borders on dangerous to her safety.

My poor kid cannot be her everything in the 7th grade. It is supposed to be fun and light. He cannot be the only one she can talk to. If her life is indeed this complicated, as she indicates, at this age, she needs professional help, not his help. He can't help her. He is neither trained, not mature enough. Her parents really need to know the things she is saying.
The thing that really got my hackles up was that no one would even notice if she were no longer here. That was in response to his telling her I wanted them to cool it off. Manipulative or troubled or ....I don't know. It is her parents' issue. I really think they need to be made aware of all of this.

I am not sure if increasing my Topamax and dealing with this drama together has just wiped me out. With the change of weather, my legs just kill. I upped my meds in response.  Anyway, I am drained and am finding it hard to function. I just realized that perhaps the increase in the meds has something to do with that too. Hmmm.

I feel so sorry boys today is all I can say. 


Robin said...

These kids are getting too involved too soon! I am soooo glad my 13 year old has not had a "serious" relationship...hang in there you are doing what is best for him.

Tawnya said...

Wow, I agree her parents need to be told... I am not sure ( like you) if it is a cry for help or a cry for attention but she needs help either way! Yes, teen drama, I remember that well. Although I am not not sure that I took it that far...

garnett109 said...

I was Afraid of girls at 13
hell i'm still afaid ! LOL!

Michelle said...

Oh boy.

I think you are doing the right thing - what ever the reason - her parents need to deal with this not your son.

My son dated every girl in the 9th grade for about a day it seemed - it was drama every day.

He just broke up with his girlfriend of 10 months yesterday (he's 16 now) so I'm hoping he will chill out for awhile.

A mom can hope lol.

Good luck!





lunarossa said...

I agree with you, teenage girls are scary! Once they convince themselves thay are in love, nothing can stop them. I think it is much too early for all this. They should concentrate more on their studies and having fun. Take care of yourself. Ciao. Antonella

Beth said...

No, you're right, that is way too much for 7th grade. It sounds like she's got some issues, and I think you're correct in wanting to speak to her parents. Your son can be a friend to her, but she needs more attention and help than he can or should provide.

Good luck, and I hope you feel better quickly!

Hugs, Beth

marc said...

The day will come and you will turn and look back upon this moment.
You will silently applaud your courage to step between throbbing hearts and hormones gone wild!

Your son will have grown into a fine young man. ...When he comes to embrace you, your arms will be open as your sword and shield which was used to protect, is no longer needed!

It gets better!

Marc :)

Gerry said...

It does sound as though that little girl has problems your son could not be expected to handle, n the 7th grade no less. It could happen, certainly, but I think you are looking at with the right attitude, to protect your son from coming to feel responsible for what happens to her. Gerry