Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Spoke to the Mom

First of all, I  want to thank all of you for your kind support. Your thoughtful advice, words or wisdom and support mean so much to me. I just wanted to let you know.

I wish it didn't have to be on Halloween, but I never see the Mom at school. I am there all the time as I volunteer for everything. I have to catch her when I can. That being said, I caught her when I could and we had a little chat. She was quite glad I informed her of what was going on and of what others were saying, etc.. Her daughter came over right in the middle of our talk. She has a bit of attitude, that one!

My son also saw us speaking, and asked me what I said. I told him and he was fine with it. Seemingly. He knew I HAD to tell them about the "red flags" for emotional issues/suicide that emerged in the emails. NO ifs ands or buts. We also discussed that this could simply been teen girl drama, but it was not my place to make that call. He really is reasonable and mature kid.

Poor kid emailed her all weekend with no reply. I had to finally tell him that she was most likely restricted from the internet. I was expecting him to be a little bit mad at me, but nope.

On Mondays I do Yard Duty at school during lunch time. The girl made it a point to not look at me. That's fine. She has a bit of a 'tude. After school I asked my son how things went for her and for them. He said she got yelled at for 3-4 hours. I questioned that... The yelled at part and he said, "Yeah, it was probably just a talk."
I could not imagine parents yelling at their kid for being intense or emotional. I just can't. Not these people. He also said she was not allowed to be on the internet" until, like, the end of the year." I said, that is just next month. He had forgotten that it was not long at all.
He went on to say that she was not telling him how she feels about him or her emotions. I said it sounded like she is cooling it down a little bit. He actually sounded relieved.

As he left for school this morning he called out, "Bye Mom, I love you!"


Beth said...

It sounds like you handled it exactly right, Laura, and thank goodness the other mom was reasonable and shared your concerns.

"Yelled at for 3-4 hours"? Color me skeptical. Sounds like more teen girl drama to me, and it really sounds like your son is relieved! Good job!

Hugs, Beth

garnett109 said...

you probably helped her out in the long run

lunarossa said...

Your son seems very mature for his age, Laura, whilst the girl seems to need some serious counselling. Yelling does not work but maybe if some professional would talk to her...You did well, anyway. Take care. Ciao. Antonella

Yasmin said...

You did the right thing she won't see it like that now but will eventually, your son is very mature, and seems to handle things very well.

Take care


Tawnya said...

I am so glad that you told her parents... Your son sounds kind of relieved that she isn't talking to him as much or telling him as much.. Poor Kid! She is mad because everyone is right. I am sure that her parents were concerned and would not let her out of their sight all weekend. Tough. I think that they still need her to get help though so she doesn;t turn in to the girl ' who cried wolf' and when she needs someone to believe her no one will...

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Kudos for addressing the issue head on :o)