Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Aint it purdy?!


Can I just say I LOVE  webdings. I think they are so cool. I don't know that I will remember which key produces which cool icon, but I am sure gonna try. I know Y is the Heart and that is about it so far. 

I want to use these cool icons...I hope I will take the time to figure them out. They really are very cool!

I also need to replace my poor broken camera so that I can add photos to this blog. I have been so tempted to take pics off the internet. I could even take one of Voldemort off of the Society pages as she is there....but I don't really want to call attention to myself in that way. If they have the posts removed from that public site....Yikes! 

I do not want to invite their hackers to visit me or my computer. 

Ok, I better go try to get something done today. It is a beautiful day in The City!


No free rent in this head!

Wednesday is soccer practice for one of my kids. I sat and talked to some of the other Moms. I was surprised at how open one of them was about our very own Voldemort.
She has no idea that we are not permitted to speak out against her.
I was even more surprised that one of our WG presidents was saying some not so nice things.

I just sat and smiled. I maintained that I love my school, I love the teachers, I love the community, I love the children. That is exactly how I feel. I told the truth. 

I listened and expressed every positive feeling I had. That is my be as positive as I can be about all of this. Let everyone else hate her. 

Besides, she will NEVER take away my power again by making me feel badly again. 
As my dear friend's mother says, I don't want to give her free rent in my head!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Damn Gland!

Talked to the endo's office today. Although he said he wanted to remove my thyroid if the antibodies came back high this time, I was just told to lower my cytomel! Darn it. I was finally on board for this. I am going to have to get him on the phone. I know he a world renowned specialist and very busy, but he is going to have to give me a minute. We have a great relationship, actually. He knew my step Dad and he knows my Dad ( sort of) as they are (my Step Father passed,though) both physicians.
. It used to be, as I said once before, that we were extended professional courtesy by doctors. Not anymore. I actually pay $400 out of pocket to see this guy (every three months). But he is worth it.
Back to my frustration....
I was hoping to get rid of this useless gland once and for all as it causes me nothing but trouble and we don't let it work anyway. It get worse and worse and he keeps telling me he wants it out because it is so sick. So take the damn thing out already. It is so hard to regulate my meds with this thyroid. I am just wishing to get rid of it now. 
I am going to call him and see if I can speak to HIM tomorrow and see what he says. I fought him on this for six years. Now I want it out. 
So, Doc, I agree, so can we get on with it?!

Disappearing Posts

On there used to be some really negative posts about our principal. They were dated from starting like three years ago to as recently as 4/15. My friend told me to look at the site today as they have been removed. All that remains are the positive ones. They all talked about what a bully our principal is and how she needs to be removed from our school. Each one said that our school, teachers and community was excellent but that our principal uses bullying tactics or stated that we have a bully free school and yet she is a huge bully. She bullies teachers and parents.

So what happened to the posts? I am sure they were written by different people. One talked about how that particular family was leaving because of her. Each was unique in its own. 
Now only the good ones remain. How does that happen?

I know these people have not changed their minds....
I am sure they are still stinging from her maltreatment and do NOT recommend the school to newcomers until a new principal is in place. So where did these posts go? There were at least 4 or 5 of them. 

I hear she is really pissing people off  big time. So where did they go?
I just don't get how you can remove them....or why?

I am befuddled!

I hate being cryptic

I know I have been rather cryptic about all that has been going on. 
I will sort of continue in that vein but promise to tell all when things blow up, as surely they will.

What has happened, well, nothing more than finding out that she is bullying other people. I am not sure if they are getting it as badly as I am, but I am glad to know that I am not the ONLY one singled out for her craziness. I am talking about MANY people...more than I had originally thought.

I have been instructed by one of them as to where to take my grievances. Ok, I knew where to go, but did not trust that that was the right person. You see, in our small pond, it is hard to know who is loyal to this person. Because she is political and influential, people seem to want to please her no matter their cost. I would one's soul is a high price to pay...that's just me.

Anyway, I have been told that her immediate superior is not longer her ally. Now I can trust him. Thank goodness. Now I can go report what has been done and what continues to happen. 
My children should not suffer because of some crazy person.
She threatens not only their immediate educational goals but future ones too, not just indirectly but directly. 

Not sure how much this explains. 
Now updates will follow, but hopefully, I can write other things for a bit.


Mother's little helper

I had not intended to discuss this, but I feel as if I must make a mention early on as it is an integral part of who I am right now and have been for some years. It doesn't define, mind you.
I have several auto immune illnesses for which I take an awful lot of medication. I have had some of these things for quite a few years. 
I have an auto immune illness of they thyroid call Hashimoto's thyroiditis. This would not be so bad if my case were not so severe. I have tried to manage this with supplemental thyroid and then later complete replacement. I take a HUGE dose and am a relatively small person. I work out like a dog (which sometimes flare up my another one of my illnesses), but it seems to work off any extra meds in my body. Also, when I don't work out, I gain weight easily, even if I eat like a bird.

I also have a whopping case of fibromyalgia, which does not seem to abate. I have days where I can hardly stand as it mostly seems to affect my legs. My head is taken care of with shots and meds around the clock. The meds are supposed to help my legs as well but do not seem to be doing the job. The recent increase in the meds made me so loopy and off that I had to knock them back down. My endo says they interfered with my thyroid meds as well....sigh. That medication is topamax. So, you see, of course it will make me feel weird, it is an anti seizure med. 

I take, I think, 18 pills a day, scattered throughout the day. My doc says I am too young to be this sick and take so much medication. I have to agree with him.

Did I mention I am the queen of side effects! I get every side effect on the label and some that are not mentioned. I got a rare and serious side effect from the topamax, besides sever tingles to where I thought my cervicle spin we demylinating again..I got erythema nodosum. I thought I was bruising badly on my legs. Then one day these lumps appear. I freaked and was sure I had blood clots just under the skin. Call to Dr. Dad, who knew they were not blood  clots, but sent me off to get them looked at and cured. 

Ok, now do you get the picture? I am a bit uneasy about meds and remedies because I need to know the most serious side effect first and if I am willing to chance that. I am the one likely to experience it...I always do. 

When I delivered my first child, I was so sick from the epidural, I barfed for hours. The next day I started to notice these burn-like patches on my face.....oh gee, was it worth the hassle of not knowing when to push...'cuz that is really what it did for me. I delivered the next two naturally to avoid the after affects for all involved (yes of course that includes the babies, as by then I was more savvy about what all those issues, too!).

Ok, so those are the main things that I struggle with in addition to migraine, which is connected to one of the conditions or perhaps both. I have used shots and meds to quiet those a bit, and the daily headaches as well.

This was not bitch and moan as I really don't tend to do that. I just wanted it out there.
I struggle with the fact that my skin burns as a side effect (it just feels that way), and I can't always get myself to do what I know I should as I am just exhausted.

Ok, now I feel like I have gotten it out and I can move on.

Oh, I don't look sick. That has it's good and bad points. I will address that another time. I have to try to get my butt to they gym. I have not gone for days and it is making me cranky. I usually try to work out for 2-3 hours if I can make the time for it. With three young kids it is not always easy. I am currently looking for a day job ( I see clients at night) so I must indulge as much as I can while I still have the time to do so.

Time to get my day started. 



Monday, April 28, 2008

Politics in our little pond

The reason why I can't post anything  specific at this time is that the person who is out of her friggin mind is kind of a familiar face in society and political circles. My little pond is full of high profile people. I happen to have gone to kindergarten and high school with some rather famous and in the new people. I have to be very discrete about this crazy ass stuff for now. 

I was so happy earlier as it has become clear to me through conversations that this crazoid is losing it and will be her own undoing. Now, usually, I would not be happy to hear this about people. But when the person is creating this much turmoil in my life, my children's lives, and in so many other people's lives and threatens to poison relationship that interfere with not only friendships, but education and the future of my kids....then I am happy to see watch her head blow off so much hate, anger and crazy.

I have a pretty well thought out plan. I know what I am going to do. I do not know there will be any satisfactory results, but I would think something has to be done to end this stuff.

What irks me most is so many people go along with her. So many women are afraid of her. In addition, it always amazes me how many women willingly screw you over just because someone gave them the green light to do so.

I have put in over 150 hours at our school. Now I can't get the new head of our parent committee ( someone who used to be quite friendly with me) to put me on a project. They took away the event I created just to stick it to me. Now our school is the only school without a holiday boutique. Every school around has one...not us....wanna know why...'cuz I created it...I ran it, I put it together by myself,chaired it alone and planned it alone....down to pulling every chair and table out myself. Do you think these ladies have the cajones to tell me there will be no   boutique next year? NOPE. I had to find out through someone who pried it out of someone on the board. Who cares? I don't! I just think they should have told me like grown-ups.

Anyway,  I know my friends are my friends and those who are going along with HER are not my friends and if they could be swayed so easily, they never were.
She needs to leave and quit stirring up the shit. I need to find the correct diagnoses for this very sick individual. I will consult my brother on this one. I am unsure of what it might be. I have some ideas. I would love to know if it is the same as what another woman who knows her has diagnosed her as....she is a therapist who has been victimized by her as well. She has had more contact with her so she knows her much better than I do. 

This weekend will be the first in many where we are not going away for my oldest boys traveling basketball team. I might actually miss it. I will like the time off, as we will be on the road again next week, but I love the games. They are so exciting. 

My three boys are all very good athletes, actually. The middle boy is now asking for music lessons now. My oldest used to ask, but we could not fit it in. I feel badly about that. I was thinking about trying to talk him into some lessons as well. My youngest is 6 and might not yet be ready...but who knows.

I am in the middle of signing them up for summer sports and day camps. My oldest has been told he has to go to summer school (by me) as next year is 7th grade and grades count for high school. He is a straight A student, but I want to make sure it stays that way. I always insist on summer school, but my younger ones got a pass this year as our school isn't offering it this year and I was too lazy to seek it out. 

I must remember to keep positive and focus on what is good. Count my blessings of which there are many!

Good Night!

Good Day Sunshine!

Ok, so, when I was at school today, I found my answers. I know what I must do. It is what I was told to do by my friend, who is a priest and by my other friend who is a therapist (we went to grad school together) and my Mom (another therapist...yeah, you will find my world is full of therapists and other such interesting people. I digress. I will not actually print what I am going to do, but I at least have an answer now. 
It is so good to feel like I can breathe a little bit now.

I don't know how it will be handled, but at least I think it is one step closer to the truth being told and an end being put to some of the really mean stuff that goes on in our community.

I sometimes think that I am given these situations to deal with, rather than someone else, because I can handle them. Granted, I do get pretty worked up at first, but once I calm down and try to work through something,  I usually have the courage to do what most people are too afraid to do. 
Now I am learning that others are speaking up, though, a quiet, low-key manner, which suits this situation. It is the only way that this can be resolved.

I will put some thought and perhaps some prayer into this. 
I feel better knowing now that I am not alone and that I will not be betrayed as I was in the past...again, long story. It will be told, but not at this time.

Have a great day!

Mean People Suck!

After a rather long hiatus, I am BACK! For some reason AOHell, as some people refer to it, became impossible to post on any longer. I mean, really. I could no longer save what I wrote. It would not work. Don't know why. Just happened. So I came over here. Let's see if this will continue to work for a while.

I am dealing with some very difficult issues, bullies, health, raising kids. Oh, the bully is my bully. It is trickling down to them,meaning my kids. It is a very long story and I don't think I should publish it just yet. I am trying to learn to keep quiet about this. You see, I think part of what happened was, I was wronged and when I repeated the story/ facts only to several of my friends, it got back to this person and she did not like having her bad behavior mirrored back to her. So now I am the target of some very major bullying that may, in fact, impact my children in a major way. I am not trying to sound really is that bad. does one handle this kind of thing? I have no idea as I have never been treated in such a way in my life. I have always been treated well and treated others with respect in return...or visa versa.

I think I fanned the flames by repeating the story, but honestly, I was just trying to make some sense of what happened. It was just so bizarre to me. 

I think I need to work on a course of action and in the mean time, focus on what is good in life. That will help get me through all this negativity. I know I can't focus on that!

I have that bumper sticker on my fridge that says "Mean People Suck". I really think that says it all.

Now to focus on my kids and the joy they bring. My life is so full of blessings. One evil, rotten person may not take that away. I will not hand over my power that easily to someone who has such poor self esteem that they must bully others. I will figure this may just take some time!