Wednesday, April 30, 2008

No free rent in this head!

Wednesday is soccer practice for one of my kids. I sat and talked to some of the other Moms. I was surprised at how open one of them was about our very own Voldemort.
She has no idea that we are not permitted to speak out against her.
I was even more surprised that one of our WG presidents was saying some not so nice things.

I just sat and smiled. I maintained that I love my school, I love the teachers, I love the community, I love the children. That is exactly how I feel. I told the truth. 

I listened and expressed every positive feeling I had. That is my be as positive as I can be about all of this. Let everyone else hate her. 

Besides, she will NEVER take away my power again by making me feel badly again. 
As my dear friend's mother says, I don't want to give her free rent in my head!

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