Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Aint it purdy?!


Can I just say I LOVE  webdings. I think they are so cool. I don't know that I will remember which key produces which cool icon, but I am sure gonna try. I know Y is the Heart and that is about it so far. 

I want to use these cool icons...I hope I will take the time to figure them out. They really are very cool!

I also need to replace my poor broken camera so that I can add photos to this blog. I have been so tempted to take pics off the internet. I could even take one of Voldemort off of the Society pages as she is there....but I don't really want to call attention to myself in that way. If they have the posts removed from that public site....Yikes! 

I do not want to invite their hackers to visit me or my computer. 

Ok, I better go try to get something done today. It is a beautiful day in The City!


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