Thursday, May 1, 2008

Opposite Day...again?

I do so Y  my boys (like that? I told you I knew where the heart was...clever, huh?!) Anyway, This image reminds me of them...aside from the fact that it is a girl. They went through this whole period where everyday was Opposite Day. I think it gave them permission to say things they never would otherwise. I hate you, you're get the picture. Then later if they they got in trouble for saying something they would say, "But Mom, I didn't mean's Opposite Day!" 

It drove me up a wall. I finally had to abolish this holiday they kept proclaiming.

I am so glad I have not heard this in a while. It was a clever defense, though. I will give them that!


Journey said...

Kids can come up with the best stuff, huh? They are smart little buggers. Glad you like the slow cooker recipe! ~Journey

Anonymous said...

Jeeze don't tell debbie about opposite day it'll confuse me!