Monday, May 5, 2008

Control Your Beast?

I get a call as I am pulling into the driveway last night at about 8:30 p.m.  We had just enjoyed a lovely afternoon celebrating my SIL's 50th bday (yes, she is a tad older than we are) around her pool in Novato with her friends and was really a lovely day.
Back to the call. It was my good friend and I think she is calling to just shoot the breeze. It take a couple minutes, she gets to the point of the call soon enough.

"Do you want to hear what YOUR BOYFRIEND did now?!"
My boyfriend being, this "friend" of ours who bullied my son into telling him when our school tryouts for our sports were so his kid could play on our team. No his son does not go to our school, but does do CCD there. 

Just a little background here. Our CYO sports are very competitive. Our schools are very tight knit. We have no problem welcoming people in, but you really need to behave yourself. It might help, also if your kid had something to offer if you are going to talk sh*t about other people's kids!

My friends kid got a great hit (baseball) and he walks by the group of parents and says.....
"Wow, first hit he got all season!"
She was unsure of what he said and asked the surrounding people if she had heard correctly. OH YES! He slammed her kid. But, he kid had gotten some very nice hits this season...this was by no means his first.

So this very conservative Lady, and I capitalize because she is  a lady and does not bad mouth people, proceeds to tell my friend what he said last week. 

She and her hubby have this darling puppy and they brought her to the game. He walks by the Husband (also a bit conservative) and says, "Control your beast.....I'm not talking about your dog, I'm talking about your wife!"

OK, I know him well and I know that he would be saddened if he thought he hurt anyone's feelings. He thinks he is being  clever. He is actually a very smart man...he will tell you this himself, honestly  he will. He can be so obnoxious!

Anyway, he does not belong to this community and really should just be polite and not try to be so familiar. 

After I told his wife I wouldn't stand for her abuse anymore we no longer socialize. I took it way too long. If she can't be anything other than jealous and mean...that is not friendship. I can't do the hostile emails where she gets to insult and I just take it. 
I wrote back setting boundaries and that was the end of that! Well, there is a whole story I will tell another time.
Wow, these people have problems. 

But now I am the one they are blaming for these people being in their faces. I said to my friend, 
"You didn't stick up for me?"
She said," NOPE!"

Gotta love my friends!

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