Saturday, May 3, 2008

Saturday Morning Soccer Game

Today was the first Saturday since my youngest boy's Viking Microsoccer league began that I could actually attend a game. I have been taking my oldest son to his tournaments out of town every weekend so I have not seen any soccer OR my middle boy's baseball for that matter. But right now I am talking soccer (there was no baseball game today for some reason, I don't ask questions~that would be like looking a gift horse in the mouth at this rate!)
I digress.

My little guy is really quite an athlete. I am always amazed at these guys, really. Anyway, every Saturday evening, when we are all reunited, I ask how all the games went that day. Invariably, my youngest tell me:

"We won, Mom! The score was 12 to 0!"

It usually goes something like that.

I did not realize their team was playing up in the league so that one older kid (early birthday) could play. So our kindergartners are playing first graders.... at least.  That's fine.

OK, so today, when our team assembled at the beautiful Marina Greens, it was one of those rare sunny mornings in San Francisco. It was just lovely. The boats are sailing out, the GG Bridge is right there. It was breath taking. Makes you just feel so good. It was on of  those moments when I was  proud to be a native San Franciscan. Those are becoming rarer, trust me!
Again, I digress.

I am meeting up with other parents, who have attended these matches faithfully. Now, why this topic has not come up at practice, I don't know, because I am there every week. Maybe it's because they prefer discussing those wacky Real Manhattan Housewives (insert eyeroll).
One of the parents mentions to me how they have been getting CREAMED each week!!


I said, not according to my son. We are winning by a huge margin each week. Oh you should have heard the laughter.

A Mother from the other team comes to talk to our parents a bit accent I do not recognize.
"How old are your children?" she asks.
"They are in kindergarten." replies on the Dads.
"OH. Zat iz why our kids look so HUGE!"

Thanks lady!

Well guess what...our little kids kicked their huge butts. Please know I would never say anything like that if not provoked by parents. Don't come over and tell us our kids are small. Don't  you think I know my youngest boy is kind of small!!!! Well, my small boy scored a minimun of 8 goals according to one of the Dads. He was sure he would score 10 today. My kid was ON FIRE!
Ok, I know these are just little kids and we shouldn't even be keeping score, but come on lady, you made me mad! 

I have to admit, I was very proud of our team! They have been playing older, much larger kids, from what I hear and they keep fighting. They are doing great and their game is much impoved. I don't care if they win, I care that they are having fun and playing as a team.

Good job, Cougars!

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