Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Mother's little helper

I had not intended to discuss this, but I feel as if I must make a mention early on as it is an integral part of who I am right now and have been for some years. It doesn't define, mind you.
I have several auto immune illnesses for which I take an awful lot of medication. I have had some of these things for quite a few years. 
I have an auto immune illness of they thyroid call Hashimoto's thyroiditis. This would not be so bad if my case were not so severe. I have tried to manage this with supplemental thyroid and then later complete replacement. I take a HUGE dose and am a relatively small person. I work out like a dog (which sometimes flare up my another one of my illnesses), but it seems to work off any extra meds in my body. Also, when I don't work out, I gain weight easily, even if I eat like a bird.

I also have a whopping case of fibromyalgia, which does not seem to abate. I have days where I can hardly stand as it mostly seems to affect my legs. My head is taken care of with shots and meds around the clock. The meds are supposed to help my legs as well but do not seem to be doing the job. The recent increase in the meds made me so loopy and off that I had to knock them back down. My endo says they interfered with my thyroid meds as well....sigh. That medication is topamax. So, you see, of course it will make me feel weird, it is an anti seizure med. 

I take, I think, 18 pills a day, scattered throughout the day. My doc says I am too young to be this sick and take so much medication. I have to agree with him.

Did I mention I am the queen of side effects! I get every side effect on the label and some that are not mentioned. I got a rare and serious side effect from the topamax, besides sever tingles to where I thought my cervicle spin we demylinating again..I got erythema nodosum. I thought I was bruising badly on my legs. Then one day these lumps appear. I freaked and was sure I had blood clots just under the skin. Call to Dr. Dad, who knew they were not blood  clots, but sent me off to get them looked at and cured. 

Ok, now do you get the picture? I am a bit uneasy about meds and remedies because I need to know the most serious side effect first and if I am willing to chance that. I am the one likely to experience it...I always do. 

When I delivered my first child, I was so sick from the epidural, I barfed for hours. The next day I started to notice these burn-like patches on my face.....oh gee, was it worth the hassle of not knowing when to push...'cuz that is really what it did for me. I delivered the next two naturally to avoid the after affects for all involved (yes of course that includes the babies, as by then I was more savvy about what all those issues, too!).

Ok, so those are the main things that I struggle with in addition to migraine, which is connected to one of the conditions or perhaps both. I have used shots and meds to quiet those a bit, and the daily headaches as well.

This was not bitch and moan as I really don't tend to do that. I just wanted it out there.
I struggle with the fact that my skin burns as a side effect (it just feels that way), and I can't always get myself to do what I know I should as I am just exhausted.

Ok, now I feel like I have gotten it out and I can move on.

Oh, I don't look sick. That has it's good and bad points. I will address that another time. I have to try to get my butt to they gym. I have not gone for days and it is making me cranky. I usually try to work out for 2-3 hours if I can make the time for it. With three young kids it is not always easy. I am currently looking for a day job ( I see clients at night) so I must indulge as much as I can while I still have the time to do so.

Time to get my day started. 



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