Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Damn Gland!

Talked to the endo's office today. Although he said he wanted to remove my thyroid if the antibodies came back high this time, I was just told to lower my cytomel! Darn it. I was finally on board for this. I am going to have to get him on the phone. I know he a world renowned specialist and very busy, but he is going to have to give me a minute. We have a great relationship, actually. He knew my step Dad and he knows my Dad ( sort of) as they are (my Step Father passed,though) both physicians.
. It used to be, as I said once before, that we were extended professional courtesy by doctors. Not anymore. I actually pay $400 out of pocket to see this guy (every three months). But he is worth it.
Back to my frustration....
I was hoping to get rid of this useless gland once and for all as it causes me nothing but trouble and we don't let it work anyway. It get worse and worse and he keeps telling me he wants it out because it is so sick. So take the damn thing out already. It is so hard to regulate my meds with this thyroid. I am just wishing to get rid of it now. 
I am going to call him and see if I can speak to HIM tomorrow and see what he says. I fought him on this for six years. Now I want it out. 
So, Doc, I agree, so can we get on with it?!

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