Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I hate being cryptic

I know I have been rather cryptic about all that has been going on. 
I will sort of continue in that vein but promise to tell all when things blow up, as surely they will.

What has happened, well, nothing more than finding out that she is bullying other people. I am not sure if they are getting it as badly as I am, but I am glad to know that I am not the ONLY one singled out for her craziness. I am talking about MANY people...more than I had originally thought.

I have been instructed by one of them as to where to take my grievances. Ok, I knew where to go, but did not trust that that was the right person. You see, in our small pond, it is hard to know who is loyal to this person. Because she is political and influential, people seem to want to please her no matter their cost. I would one's soul is a high price to pay...that's just me.

Anyway, I have been told that her immediate superior is not longer her ally. Now I can trust him. Thank goodness. Now I can go report what has been done and what continues to happen. 
My children should not suffer because of some crazy person.
She threatens not only their immediate educational goals but future ones too, not just indirectly but directly. 

Not sure how much this explains. 
Now updates will follow, but hopefully, I can write other things for a bit.


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