Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Disappearing Posts

On greatschools.com there used to be some really negative posts about our principal. They were dated from starting like three years ago to as recently as 4/15. My friend told me to look at the site today as they have been removed. All that remains are the positive ones. They all talked about what a bully our principal is and how she needs to be removed from our school. Each one said that our school, teachers and community was excellent but that our principal uses bullying tactics or stated that we have a bully free school and yet she is a huge bully. She bullies teachers and parents.

So what happened to the posts? I am sure they were written by different people. One talked about how that particular family was leaving because of her. Each was unique in its own. 
Now only the good ones remain. How does that happen?

I know these people have not changed their minds....
I am sure they are still stinging from her maltreatment and do NOT recommend the school to newcomers until a new principal is in place. So where did these posts go? There were at least 4 or 5 of them. 

I hear she is really pissing people off  big time. So where did they go?
I just don't get how you can remove them....or why?

I am befuddled!

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