Monday, April 28, 2008

Politics in our little pond

The reason why I can't post anything  specific at this time is that the person who is out of her friggin mind is kind of a familiar face in society and political circles. My little pond is full of high profile people. I happen to have gone to kindergarten and high school with some rather famous and in the new people. I have to be very discrete about this crazy ass stuff for now. 

I was so happy earlier as it has become clear to me through conversations that this crazoid is losing it and will be her own undoing. Now, usually, I would not be happy to hear this about people. But when the person is creating this much turmoil in my life, my children's lives, and in so many other people's lives and threatens to poison relationship that interfere with not only friendships, but education and the future of my kids....then I am happy to see watch her head blow off so much hate, anger and crazy.

I have a pretty well thought out plan. I know what I am going to do. I do not know there will be any satisfactory results, but I would think something has to be done to end this stuff.

What irks me most is so many people go along with her. So many women are afraid of her. In addition, it always amazes me how many women willingly screw you over just because someone gave them the green light to do so.

I have put in over 150 hours at our school. Now I can't get the new head of our parent committee ( someone who used to be quite friendly with me) to put me on a project. They took away the event I created just to stick it to me. Now our school is the only school without a holiday boutique. Every school around has one...not us....wanna know why...'cuz I created it...I ran it, I put it together by myself,chaired it alone and planned it alone....down to pulling every chair and table out myself. Do you think these ladies have the cajones to tell me there will be no   boutique next year? NOPE. I had to find out through someone who pried it out of someone on the board. Who cares? I don't! I just think they should have told me like grown-ups.

Anyway,  I know my friends are my friends and those who are going along with HER are not my friends and if they could be swayed so easily, they never were.
She needs to leave and quit stirring up the shit. I need to find the correct diagnoses for this very sick individual. I will consult my brother on this one. I am unsure of what it might be. I have some ideas. I would love to know if it is the same as what another woman who knows her has diagnosed her as....she is a therapist who has been victimized by her as well. She has had more contact with her so she knows her much better than I do. 

This weekend will be the first in many where we are not going away for my oldest boys traveling basketball team. I might actually miss it. I will like the time off, as we will be on the road again next week, but I love the games. They are so exciting. 

My three boys are all very good athletes, actually. The middle boy is now asking for music lessons now. My oldest used to ask, but we could not fit it in. I feel badly about that. I was thinking about trying to talk him into some lessons as well. My youngest is 6 and might not yet be ready...but who knows.

I am in the middle of signing them up for summer sports and day camps. My oldest has been told he has to go to summer school (by me) as next year is 7th grade and grades count for high school. He is a straight A student, but I want to make sure it stays that way. I always insist on summer school, but my younger ones got a pass this year as our school isn't offering it this year and I was too lazy to seek it out. 

I must remember to keep positive and focus on what is good. Count my blessings of which there are many!

Good Night!

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