Sunday, October 5, 2008

I love Craigslist!

I realize that this may sound, well, just plain sad, but I simply love, love, love to shop on craigslist. That is my kind of fun. I have three kids. Not sure if I mentioned that before. Boys, to be exact. They are Christiaan (not a typo, it is pronounced christyawn, or something 12 1/2, Pierce 8, and Reid will be 7 in December. 
Anyone with a gaggle of kids, especially in a town like San Franciso, knows that money is limited. I try my best to get the best deal possible. 
My mother once gave me refrigerator magnet with a cartoon of a harried mother being robbed, handing over her pocketbook. The caption read " I don't have money, I have children!" Thanks, Mom! That about sums it up perfectly!

Ok, back to my original thoughts. Last night, after two weeks of phone tag and a bit of hesititation, I ran right down to 18th and Castro Streets to check out a hallway runner. It looked lovely in the photo. I was coming off of some frustrations at home and had the remnants of a two day migraine still lingering. My migraines always come with fluorescent green blotches in my field of vision. Not the best way to check out a rug!
Well, Castro was bustling so it took me forever to find parking! That place is really such a cool little village. I just don't really belong there. I walked up and down the street. I had just come from taking my oldest boy and two of his friends to the gym, so I was in gym clothes on a Saturday night, while everyone else was ready for a night of partying. It was just kind of cool to see that just over the hill, there is this bustling area, so unlike my own little world. 

Anyway, after having trouble finding the address (thank you migraine!), I finally got there. I have to tell you one more thing. The houses in this area are those really cool Victorians. I just love them!
OK, back to the story.
The rug seller was the cutest guy and his partner, also darling. I felt like we were already friends from our many mini conversations on the phone. Needless to say, I went into this thing just foolishly trusting him. But that is usually my M.O.
The rug was originally listed at $35. He told me a week and a half ago that someone offered him $50, so I could have it if I offered him MORE. I stopped calling at that point.
He contacted me again with the original post and said we could work something out. Oh, and he had relisted the rug at $65!
Granted, most runners of this quality and size are worth at least that!
So back to his flat.
Through my migraine, I did not even pay attention that he only showed me 2/3 of the runner and then I just said, "I'll take it!"
I asked how much he wanted for it....guess what I paid?
I forked over $50. I just didn't have a fight in me. I already had a fight at home this evening and I had nothing left...not even a negotiation.

I bring the lovely rug home. Everyone loves it. 
Fast forward to today. I wake up, drink my coffee and take a better look. My hallway is bright in the daytime. The runner is either dirty or they spilled something across it and the reason why he showed me part of it was because it would have been apparent that the two ends were off in color...just slightly. I still like it. I will have to steam clean it and see if I love it. I still think it was worth the money as that was still pretty cheap. But the more I think about it the... I think I will clean it now!!!

I still LOVE Craigslist!


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Have never been to Craigs, next time we really need something, I may have to give it a try :o) Hope the runner cleans up well.

Robin said...

I love Craigslist AND Ebay!

Tawnya said...

I have not tried Craigslist, although I am a member of Freecycle and that is pretty cool.... Ebay is okay I guess, but Amazon is my crack. I know all about the migraine thing.. Ugh. I feel for you!!!!