Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Sky is Falling, Chicken Little!

No not really, but you would have thought we were under attack last night at about 10:30 p.m. when I was coming home from the gym. I was just getting my key in the front door when I heard a thunderous sound RIGHT overhead. I looked to see what it was and saw nothing. Hmmm. I shut the door and went inside. I briefly wondered if there was some big police case going on and if that was a helicopter flying low. I made a quick mental note, for all the good that will do, to ask my police officer friend about it, who no doubt will be having coffee with me to check out my new rug in the morning. 

I did not have to ask my girl friend in the morning, out of the blue, I remembered the date and it occurred to's  FLEET WEEK. That was the sound of the Blue Angels! How cool. They always fly near our area while practicing for their big shows on the weekend. I have always looked forward to watching their aerobatics. It is really amazing. We took our oldest to the show once, but between the hordes of people and the excruciating noise, we decided to wait a while before we brought him back. Uh, and then we had two more. Although we can see it from where we live, it is pretty cool to go down to the Marina and get the full effect.

The Blue Angels are the Navy's flight demonstration squadron. They were formed 1946 and were the worlds's first officially sanctioned military aerial demonstration team. The squadron's six pilots fly Boeing FA-18 Hornets in upwards of 70 shows in 34 locations throughout the U.S. each year, where they still employ many of the same practices and techniques used in their aerial displays since 1946.
During Fleetweek, they fly over San Francisco and Seattle to help celebrate the maritime festivities in those cities. My friend, whose birthday is tomorrow, used to say that Navy gave her sailors for her birthday. 
This weekend is always crowded at the piers, warf and many of the local hot spots due to FLeet Week, when the fleet comes in in addition to the Italian Festival and other festivals that always coincide. This is usually the weekend where they crown their queen and everything.

I will tell you more about the BA tomorrow as we plan on going down to the marina right after the boys get out of school so we can take them to watch the practice. 
We can't go Saturday 'cuz, did I mention? I am having 6 EXTRA 8 YEAR OLDS spend the night? Pierce did not have any kind of party in August for his birthday so he was told he could have a few friends come over and go bowling, have pizza and maybe spend the night. Before I knew it, he had invited six and told them all they were sleeping over. I would have plenty of room had I cleaned out my work studio down stairs. It is basically a second home down there. Oh well, we will have to make it work up here. My oldest will be at my good friend's house for her son's 13th day. She is the cop I mentioned before. 

We actually might end up at the same bowling alley. A bunch of way-too-cool tweens/teen-agers and a gang of his brother's bothersome friends. Oh Great!
But it will be fun for me and my Dear Friend.

Can't wait to see the Blue Angels!


Suzy said...

OMG THAT many 8 year olds in one place?? You brave woman. I salute you!

garnett109 said...

enjoy your weekend friend

Tawnya said...

I LOVE the Blue Angels!!!! They totally ROCK!!!

Beth said...

Good luck with the sleepover. Yikes!

One year, Ken and I were in San Francisco during the air show. We happened to be touring Alcatraz when the Blue Angels were practicing over the Bay. They were flying over the island, really close, upside down, just totally hot-dogging. It was one of the coolest things we've ever seen!

Have a great weekend!


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Yea, what Beth said. We got some OK pictures from Alcatraz, but that Christmas, I got a new 75-300mm lens so we will never miss such awesome pictures again :o)



Gerry said...

Here I am at last. I am always going to think of you in connection with Ocean Ave. now in SF. I went to an air show at Luke Airforce base once and was terribly impressed Everybody should see an airshow. I admire anyone with the fortitude to have a birthday party in their home! My grandkids love the pizza parlors so much that cater to kids birthdays that they all want to have theirh birthday parties there. Easier for the Moms I would say. I don't blame you for thinking you have to limit the cost of gifts. Feeling stressed about that can spoil the whole birthday idea. I give my grandkids $10 so they know that is what they will get and tht is it. I dont have many so it doesn't break me. For Xmas everybody gets special books I hurt for all year. They like it! And now some of the younger ones have started giving each other books! Gerry