Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Bite Me!

I had wanted to tell this crazy little story and now it seems appropriate.
I had pretty much abandoned this journal as it seemed so far away from my AOL community. My AOL journals would not work so I had to go elsewhere.
Anyway, welcome all. I guess I will resume here as I will no longer feel so alone.

The story I wanted to tell, well, it actually makes me sound kind of psycho, but I will tell it anyway.  A week or two ago, I was with my two younger boys in the car backing out of a parking spot. We were in an area called West Portal, for anyone who may be familiar with San Francisco. It is a nice little area. Anyway, my passage was being blocked, but I was patient and waited for the person who was waiting for my space to back up so that I may, in turn, back up and get on with my afternoon. That street is two lanes in each direction. The person who was passing on the outside lane got miffed at me, for some reason unknown to me and the boys. She proceeds to catch up to me and give me a dirty look.
That was IT! I was now pissed off!
To my children's horror, I start to yell "BIT ME,LADY!" out of the open soccer van windows, which I was driving. The lady in her beat up car, with "green" messages all over it was oblivious to screaming as her windows were completely rolled up. 
The people at the bus stop heard me, though!

I pull up next to her, as she did to me, and pantomime' BITE ME!

Just then, from the back of the car, I hear my 8 year son saying, in a sing-songy sort of way
"I think someone forgot to take her medicine...."
That stopped me dead in my psycho tracks and I bust out laughing! OMG! Out of the mouths of babes!
I said, "Did you just say what I think you said?"
He sheepishly copped to it.
I  mumble to myself," I don't think you realize just how appropriate that comment really was."