Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Why do I have 2 titles Journal titles on this Page? Why is THIS journal all screwy now? 
Know what? I am just not going to sweat the small stuff as long as I can actually publish in this one! The last one (AOL) would not allow me to publish once I typed all the text in, so at least I am ahead of the game here! 

I am actually sitting here trying to procrastinate. I have so much to get done and I don't want to do any of it. I guess things won't get done while I am sitting here typing away. I have a party to plan, a house to clean, jewelry to design, invoices to write, continuing education units to do and I am supposed to go look at a rug at some point before I go to the gym. I am tired just thinking about it. Maybe I should nap first. Haha! 


Indigo said...

Sounds like me...I'm hoping in a few days the journal frenzy settles down. Glad to see you over here dear friend. Seems like AOL had it out for you longer than some of us. (Hugs)Indigo

Say What?! said...
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Say What?! said...

I am figuring all of this out. The deleted comment was a mistake I made. I did not delete anyone else's comment..just an FYI.

Suzy said...

I've sort of got the hang of things!!!

cayasm said...

Hello thanks for the add, hopefully in few days everything will settle


garnett109 said...

I'm still learning this new blog