Sunday, October 26, 2008

Good Day Sunshine!

We have had the most beautiful weather for the past two weeks. The sun has been blazing and the temps have been in the high 70's and low 80's. I love sunny days. I actually really love the heat. The hotter the better. It makes my body feel good. I have fibromyalia, so for me, the heat works. It is when the temps dip, or rather the barometric pressure dips and there is even the  slightest moisture in the air, I ache.

Well,  I woke up today, and my sunshine was gone. I am sure if I go into another neighborhood, I can find it. We have many micro climates in San Francisco. Although we have a tiny little city, each neighborhood has its own climate. But, I am not planning on going into one of the little valleys or farther away from the coast, so I will have to deal with the fog today.

Yesterday was the little craft fair I told you I was participating in. It was a bit of a bummer, but I am going to help them next time, if I can. My items, priced at $15 - $ 220 were simply too expensive at this venue. I know what to bring next time. My jewelry was wholesale priced and received raves and compliments, but people were not there to buy more upscale items. They wanted soap or lower priced things in the $2-$15 range. I also brought my Propanels, which probably overwhelmed people. Other vendors had only a small card table. They asked me to return and I agreed as I know what I would bring and what to make for this crowd. The organizer has never done  this before and asked if I could offer her some feedback as I have started and run these fairs like this before. 
The reason why she knew about my fair is that this was a sister school to my children's old school. 

I am planning to do a couple of small events in the near future, but a couple of my friends really want to do a private show. One lady is a fine artist, one a photographer who does the most amazing cards from all over the world. I have never seen photo cards this beautiful in my life. Seriously. These are special. 

Yesterday was not a total bust, but I usually do really well at fairs, so it is disappointing when I don't. Honestly, I had a nice time hanging out with friends and talking to people. Ohhhhh, and I bought stuff, too! I got these cool leaf shaped ceramic thingies to put your tea bags! I got some cool thank you cards, well post cards that were embossed, some beautiful gold wire crocheted earrings, and some soaps and bath salts from a friend. 

On another front, I talked to the assistant principal at the high school I went to. She was one of my teachers. We actually went to Mexico together for  intercession one year. There MAY be a position opening up next March, even temporarily, in the counseling department. I really want a day job there as I love working with girls that age in my private practice and I love that school so it works out well.(I currently only work at night) I would be the next one hired, they just need to figure out if they are going to cover the position internally or with an outside person. The head counselor is pregnant with her first child. I am kind of hoping she decides to stay home to raise the baby, but in this economy and in this city, it is unlikely. 

The assist. principal knows that I do not know much about the whole college thing, but rather I am a psychotherapist. She likes that I have that emphasis and says that I can learn about college placement, etc. by taking classes and seminars. She likes having a balance at the school. What I like is that I would learn the ins and outs of college applications, deadlines, etc.. I have one going to high school(kind of) soon, so I need to know this stuff. 
Yes I went to college....and graduate school. I did a pre med program in between, but things are so different now. It is a whole new world out there!

I realize I just blathered on, for which I apologize. I am exhausted beyond belief and think I need two days of sleep or perhaps an adjustment in my meds! 
Have I mentioned the Hashimotos for which I take a bucket of meds? Yeah, we are suppressing my thyroid intiredly. So between the FMS and the Hashi's and whatever else they think is going on, I have a small pharmacy in my kitchen. 
I guess tired results in disclosure for me.

I hope you all had a great weekend!


Beth said...

Hope you were able to get some rest, Laura!

Sorry the craft fair was kind of a bust for you, at least as far as sales go. Considering the economy, I think a lot of people are cutting back.

Good luck with the possible job! Be sure to keep us posted.

Hugs, Beth

lunarossa said...

Hi Laura, It would be nice to have a look at the nice things you make, do you have time to post some photos? I love hand-made jewelry and crafts of any kind and I'm always getting crazy spending in craft fairs! Unfortunately we are so far away...Hope you can get the job. When you talk about counselling, is it medical counselling or advice to students for their future college studies? Take care and have a rest. Ciao. Antonella

Gerry said...

What an interesting entry. Now I find out that you are a psychotherapist. I was reading on the Internet that one in five young people have some kind of mental problem. Could that be right, but now I am not so worried about you going back to work because it sounds like you have a lot to offer, and I am sure you will eventually find work, even though in these hard economic times it will be more difficult.