Saturday, October 11, 2008

Pierce's party is still in progress. The kids arrived earlier than expected. In fact, I was in the shower when the fist official guest arrived. One friend came several hours early because his parents moved out of the city and his Dad, who works in SF needed to come to the city at noon. That was great, because my boys have missed this kid and his siblings so much since they moved.

When they all finally got to our house, my husband took them to the park to play for a couple of hours. My youngest was taken away by one of the Moms dropping off a boy to go spend the night with her son, so that worked out great! My oldest is gone on a sleep over as well, so I am down to seven. Seven eight year olds.
Ok, so after the park, we went to a pizza parlor for dinner. I reminded these guys to use their best manners and that I would tell their parents what fantastic manners they had. Well, these ladies sitting at the next table stopped by on the way out to inquire as to whether all these boys were mine. I explained the situation. I actually thought she recognized my friend's son because she is the Fire Chief. They were kind of staring at him. I was wrong. Anyway, they wanted us to know that they were impressed with the boys' manners!
I was floored! I felt like I really pulled something off. I could not wait to tell some of their parents, because I just KNOW they won't believe that I have not drugged them. On second thought, maybe I should not tell them!

After dinner, we went to see Beverly Hills Chihuahua. It was about what you would expect.  When we got back the boys really wanted to open presents. I don't really like that whole opening presents in front of people thing, I just think it is bad manners, but they did it anyway.

OMG! One boy brought a gift PLUS a card with $40 dollars in it! Another boy brought a toy he said cost $50 and "it was not on sale". I am not sure what else my son raked in because I had to answer an important call, sadly at that very moment, but, again, OMG! 

So, then, I started to go over in my mind what we gave these kids for their last birthdays. OH MY GOD! The Mom who so graciously mad the ice cream whopper cake, her son's birthday was a couple weeks ago.....what did we give him? Was it cash? Was it enough? 

When did this happen? When did kids start getting so much for their birthday? I think this is insane! I am embarrassed that he received these gifts. 

I simply cannot reciprocate gifts like that. I can give gifts valued at 20-30 dollars. I do give $40 to my kids' best friends, but that's it. I have three kids in private school! Not only that, with the number of parties they are invited to, how on earth can we give $40- $50 each time? 
I realize that some of these people are LOADED and that amount of money is nothing. It is something to us. 

So, thanks for the lovely gifts, we do appreciate them all, but please, next time, make it kid sized for our kids!

Slumber party still in progress....


garnett109 said...

Birthday presents what are they?
Around here we all went fishing on our b-days lol!

Tawnya said...

Kids always behave better when they are with someone else, I know that I did!! LOL... Wow, I need to be a kid again!!! I would not worry about it, although I would not tell the kids how much the gifts were, they tell everything!!!

Beth said...

I think it's just insane about gifts at kids' parties. A friend of mine has 5 kids, and she just can't afford to give those kinds of presents to all their friends. One of her daughters went to a b-day party where all the girls went to a spa. We're talking 10 year old girls getting a spa treatment!! My friend couldn't believe it.

Tawnya's right, kids usually behave better with other parents, ha ha! Glad to hear all went well!


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

I agree with the whole silliness of the b-day party rounds. It becomes a never ending circle.

If I could go back and do it again, maybe EE bonds, $25 to buy, but worth $50 when cashed LOL

Glad the boys were well behaved and that you got a nice compliment. Enjoy your Sunday.

Suzy said...

It is insane and the parents are so competitive. I just get them something small and say it's the thought.