Monday, March 9, 2009

Crossing Harder!!!

As I was driving my little guy to basketball today I get a call. I did not recognize the number so I thought I should answer it as I have so many calls out there to prospective employers. Turns out it was the Principal from the Armenian school. He apologized for not getting back to me sooner but reminded me that they were in the throes of their WASC accreditation. I had not forgotten and in fact, had told my mother about it when she asked me what happened to this job prospect.

Anyway, he said if I was still interested he wanted me to start working one day a week next week. Sure, I'm in! 

Schools often have you either work two days a week or full time, which can be everyday. One day is really not much, but hey, it's a start.

The charter school director emailed me yesterday and told me that she is, in fact, opening up a position called Learning Support Professional. This position will be that of a case manager and counselor. If I am interested in the position I was to contact her. I called this morning and hope to hear from her soon. I know there would be many in line for this job, and she may already know who she wants in the position. Whatever, I want a chance to interview for it anyway.

The other good thing that happened today, but not in this order, occurred while I was at yard duty at my boys' school. The principal shocked me first by coming over to talk to me. I was really pleased by this act alone. She was really nice. Then when the topic of jobs came up I told her I was looking for a school to work in (she knows I am a therapist). She then told me to contact the archdiocese of San Francisco and that I should talk to a specific person and tell me what I do and what my credentials are so they can have my resume on file when a position opens up. She then volunteered to give me the number as soon as I was done at yard duty. When I went into the office, she was standing there holding a piece of paper with the number. I was so appreciative.

I have an interview in Marin tomorrow and I really don't want the job. Not only will I pay 5-6 (5 dollars with a fastpass/6dollars regularly) bucks a day to simply cross the GG bridge, but it is just not a job that I would ever want. Besides, I don't think I can have it if I am taking the school job. I suppose I will have to tell them I can only work 4 days. That might be enough to not get the job. I really just want the school counseling positions or something challenging. Not the job that I am interviewing for. We'll see. 

I am going to be wearing every good luck charm I can find, and praying my little heart out!

Hey wait, does that mean the undies I am wearing are good luck undies?
Maybe it's my scarf....


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Sounds like some great prospects. Sending you a Huge Virtual Hug :o)

Beth said...

Those leads definitely sound promising. I am sending all kinds of good vibes and positive thoughts your way. Fingers crossed!

Hugs, Beth

garnett109 said...

good luck

Tawnya said...

Laura, that is amazing!!! You are amazing!!! I am crossing my fingers, toes and eyes for you.... Good luck my friend.... Yay!!!!

lunarossa said...

Hope everything well alright. All the best. Ciao. A.