Saturday, May 23, 2009

Fingers Crossed That This Works!

I have been trying to post in this thing for so long and it has not worked. I thought I would give it a try now as my luck has seemed to have changed as of late.

Not sure if I was able to post when I landed my one day a week at a private school. It was a small thing, but it really helped. I loved the work and the people. Oh, I was the counselor. It is a job I had as an intern in graduate school and I loved it.

Anyway, the school could not afford me more than one day a week (they gave me my asking price) so I ended up donating another day as I saw that they needed more time. I was happy to do it. 

One day a couple of weeks ago, I was at my Mom's house for some reason, just chatting with her and  my Auntie Dell (her dear friend since high school) before I had to go pick up the boys from school and my cell phone rings. I looked at the number and thought, hmmm,that person called before and left no message, wonder who it was. Well,turns out it was the principal from a high school, where I have wanting to work. She told me that the position that I have been wanting is open and would I like to come in for an interview?

OMG!!! I was so excited! I don't think I was able to contain it. We did chat for a moment. She explained that the position would entail college counseling as well as personal counseling. I told her that I had been looking into UC Berkeley's extension program for the college and career counseling certification. She told me that was not necessary. Really! Cool!

When I got off the phone and told my Mom, I remember jumping up and down in excitement. Yay, I am that mature! But, you see, I have been wanting this position for two years...this exact one. 
I went in to see the Assistant Principal one day when I was at the school attending the play with my son's class and asked her for a job. I went back later that day with my resume. I have been calling her and visiting her once in a while ever since.

I knew her way back when. She was MY teacher. She was soooo young then. She is actually still pretty young. How that happened, I am not sure. I am going to have to get her to give me her secret. Anyway, I also went on a trip to Mexico with her for intercession. I will explain intercession later.

So when I went for my interview, I was only nervous because it turns out it was a PANEL INTERVIEW!! I bomb those! Linda came to bring me in to the interview and said it was an informal round table. I told her how I hated panel interviews, that they make me nervous. She said, " Oh, me too! Remind me to tell you about MY experience some time!" I was so relieved by her words that I relaxed. Thank  you, Linda!

I was fine! There were five people. The principal (who is this amazing woman who sits on all these boards in the city. My principal at our school, who is a public figure in SF told me she is on a board with her at USF and that she is a brilliant woman. I am so glad Mrs. A didn't tell me all these things BEFORE the interview), two counselors ( one is a priest, but went through the same graduate program as I did at USF) and Linda, the Vice  Principal, whom I turned to for comfort. I never thought Linda would be someone I turned to for comfort when I was a kid!

I had to come back after to give Linda my transcripts and references. When I returned she handed me the sweatshirt I purchased (no, I am not a kissass, I love my high school and was going to buy one from my friend who is graduating and this was more convenient....REALLY!) I was talking to the drama teacher when Linda saw me and handed me my sweatshirt and she whispered in my ear, "That went really well!", referring ,of course,to the interview that had taken place an hour earlier.

Fast forward a week.I was soooo nervous. I had not heard a thing. I knew they were still interviewing. I also knew they wanted to make a decision before the end of the school year. I was so nervous. Finally I get a call...damn...missed it while I was in the shower. I have to call back. The Principal does not give any clue by the tone of her voice in her message which way it went. I nervous calling back. 
"Hello Laura, I am calling to....."

Calling to what?...tell me that you went with another candidate? OMG! My job! I swear I thought that is where she was going. Her tone of voice sounded like that! BUT NO!!!!
She continued...

".....offer you the position!"

Yes, Yes, Yes. Came out of my mouth.

So, I am the new counselor. I got it over 5 other people they told me. They see me as the dept. head in time, once I learn the technical aspects of the job, etc...couple years, I guess! 

I found an old lotto ticket in my purse today on the way to the gym...yup, it was a winner! I won a dollar. I was in 7-11 saying, " YES! I WON THE LOTTO!" Hey, a dollar is a dollar!

Have a great weekend!


Amy said...

1). You're alive! :-P

2). I am so excited for you!!! How awesome....

Tawnya said...

I am SO happy for you!!! Yay!!!!! So totally amazing!!! I am so glad you got the job you wanted...

Gerry said...

Oh, I loved reading this entry, and I was in suspense, too, hoping for you, and I am so pleased that the call finally came that brought you happiness! Good luck. Gerry

Coelha :B said...

Good news!! :) I'm very happy for you! :) Julie

Yasmin said...

WooHoo congratulations



Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Congrats - that is fabulous news :o)

Beth said...

Laura, this is so great!! I couldn't be happier for you, and I know you'll do a great job for them. Congratulations! Hugs, Beth

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